U-Brew (brew on premises)

Are you a beer geek? There are lots of us here in Portland (beervana). Have you ever wondered how beer is brewed? Have you always wanted to try brewing some of your own?  At P.U.B. we will help you to make your first, or forty-first batch of your favorite beer. Under the expert guidance of brewmasters ,  you and your friends will be able to make any style of beer: IPAs, stouts, porters, belgians and more. We may even talk you into creating something insanely exotic (like bacon beer).

Do you have a special occasion coming up, perhaps a wedding or bachelor party? How about an office team building exercise? All of these are great excuses for getting a bunch of your friends together to make some outstanding beer. Call us up and we will make all the arrangements for your group.

So if you have always told yourself  “I should home brew” Well now’s your chance! Let us help you become a great brewer! At P.U.B. you are the brewmaster. Make your own beer right here!  Contact us to set up your brewing session here at P.U.B., and be sure to sign up for our newsletter that lets you know about special brewing events.