Portland U-Brew Frequently Asked Questions

If you ever have wanted to brew beer at home before, we have a great fully stocked homebrew and wine supplies shop. Take our beer brewing class and you will get hooked. Our store also has all the gear and ingredients you will need to brew your own beer, or make wine, even cider at home. We also have a pub with eight beers on tap that we brew in our brewery and an array of sandwiches and snacks.

What is All Grain brewing? 

Grain brewing is making a beer from scratch combining all the ingredients at the right time to build the recipe. A comparison between all grain and extract brewing might be like making a soup from scratch versus opening a can of soup. Our competitors typically use a generic mash made from malt extract (i.e hamburger helper style).

What days are available for people to come in to brew?

We brew 15 gallon batches on Saturdays  and Sundays  from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm. Brewing sessions are setup in a class environment, where you learn the process of grain brewing,  from the design of your recipe and choosing your ingredients to the adding of your yeast. Our knowledgeable brewers and staff will guide you through the process.

How many people can I invite to brew. Six people per kettle but you can book more kettles if you have a larger group.

How long before I can take my beer home?

Approximately four weeks after the 5 hour brew day the customer comes back and bottles the beer.  We will schedule a day for you to come in for bottling. We schedule bottling in 2 hour blocks of time. 24/12oz. bottles are $12.50 a case and 12/22oz. bottles are also $12.50 a case and you can choose a mix of bottles sizes.

What are your most popular events?

Wedding beers are very popular. Couples brew something special, so they can tap a keg at their reception or have bottles to share with relatives, wedding party, and guests. We brew 40-50 wedding beers per year. Another popular activity is company team building. Companies come in and have brewing parties to relax the work environment  and build camaraderie by brewing beer together.

How much does it cost?

Our Professional Grade Beer Price for the 15 gallon batch is $250 for up to 6  people.  You can of course book 2 kettles if you have a larger group. We require a $75 reservation deposit for each kettle booked and that deposit goes towards the cost of the brewing session. The deposit is required to secure your reservation and ensure that you keep the appointment. even if you have a prepaid gift card. But, the deposit can be taken from the gift card when you make the reservation. Please call 503 943 2727 to schedule your brew day

If you have any questions that are not addressed here please send them to us and we will answer them.

Cheers and Hoppy Brewing!