Brewing Process

Brewing beer is fun, but it seems so difficult. We make it easy for you to learn how to brew beer…while you make it! We’re here to help you with every step along the way as you create, and brew your very own craft beer. It begins with recipe formulation. You can bring in a recipe you already have, find one on line, in a book, or just come in with an idea and we’ll help you build a recipe tailored to your tastes. We can even replicate your favorite commercial beer. You’re in control of all the aspects of your beer including color, bitterness, flavor, and alcohol content. Not a fan of really hoppy beers? No problem!  Hate the taste of Belgian style beers?  That’s fine, because you can brew whatever you want except for pilsners and lagers.

All the beers are brewed from scratch using all-grain recipes on a fifteen gallon scale. You’ll get to grind your grain, and mash it yourself as we explain the process, and answer any questions you have. Then you’ll boil the wort you created with any hops you choose to get just the right amount of bitterness, flavor, and aroma into your brew. We’ll quickly cool the beer on it’s way into the fermenter, and add the yeast. The whole process takes about 5 hours, and then you get to go home and leave all the cleaning up to us.

But your beer’s journey doesn’t end there! It ferments for a week while the yeast you added eats all the sugar, and converts it into alcohol. Once that stage has slowed down we siphon your beer into a second fermenter for another week to further clarify, and refine. Since none of the beer we produce is artificially filtered we take the extra step of putting your beer into our walk in cooler for several days before we transfer it into a keg. This gets the yeast to “flocculate”, and settle out resulting in a naturally clear beer. The whole fermenting process takes about a month. When it’s ready, you transfer from the keg into your bottles which are sold separately. You can leave it in one  1/2 bbl keg so you can take it to a party, wedding, or whatever special event you decide to brew it for. You could also put it into two 1/4 bbl kegs, or 3 five gallon “Cornelius” style kegs if you choose. We charge a nominal deposit for the kegs that is refunded when they are returned to us.

The cost of all the ingredients, instruction with our brewer, use of our equipment, and storage facilities etc is $250 for up to 6 people. You can split the cost, and the beer with friends and family and if your group is more than 6 you can book a second kettle. This makes brewing here very economical, considering a batch yields about 140 twelve ounce bottles. So for a little over a dollar a bottle you can have your very own beer crafted by your hands.

U-Brew customers can make appointments to brew starting at noon on Saturday and Sunday. There is a $75 non-refundable deposit to book a brewing session that GOES TOWARDS YOUR BREWING SESSION. Give us a call at 503-943-2727 to set up your appointment today!