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Brewing Supplies, On-Premises U-Brew, and a Pub

Welcome to Portland U-Brew & Pub. We are all about brewing and enjoying great beer. You can do it all right here.

We are the U-Brew that does scratch recipe All Grain brewing. No malt extract or generic mash like our competition!

Are you an experienced beer geek ready to get the next batch of home brew under way? We have all the brewing supplies you need. Grains, malts, yeasts and hops, along with equipment and hardware are all available in our store.

Have you really wanted to brew beer but were unsure of how to go about it? You can brew your first batch right here using our professional equipment, with our expert brewmasters on hand  to show you how. Better yet, get your friends together for a brewing party. The more the merrier. Experiment with different styles and recipes.  If you tell us what you like, we guarantee we can help you make it, and we’ll do all the clean-up.

Do you like to try new beers? Does thinking about beer make you hungry? Our pub has numerous beers on tap to try while your batch is cooking, and some great food to pair with them. Or, just come by the pub any time to say hello, throw some darts, expound on the virtues of top fermenting yeasts,  or to watch the game on the wide screen.

It all forms a heady triangle of beer obsession:  Brewing, supplies, and a pub wrapped into one very hoppy place. Call forth your inner beer geek. Brew your own beer, right here!